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Internet Shakespeare Editions

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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Hamlet (1992, The Bell Shakespeare Company)

Theater CompanyThe Bell Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsAustralia
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)

Cast Overview

LaertesJohn Adam
Court LadyCarla Aquilia
HoratioSimon Arlidge
Ghost of HamletJohn Bell
MarcellusGrant Bowler
FortinbrasGrant Bowler
ClaudiusMarco Chiappi
PoloniusPatrick Dickson
GravediggerPatrick Dickson
OpheliaSuzi Dougherty
1st PlayerMarian Dworakowski
Voltemand/2nd PlayerTara Morice
RosencrantzSean O'Shea
BarnardoJim Psiropoulos
Francisco/3rd PlayerIra Seidenstein
HamletChristopher Stollery
GertrudeAnna Volska
OsricJames Wardlaw
GuildensternJames Wardlaw

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJohn Bell
Assistant to the DirectorAdrian Kiernander
Costume DesignerWendy Osmond
Set DesignerMichael Scott-Mitchell
Lighting DesignerBrett Graham
Mime ChoreographerIra Seidenstein
Fight ChoreographerBrandon Burke
General ManagerDonna Greaves
Production ManagerMichael Kaempff
Stage ManagerCathy Dadd
Assistant Stage ManagerChristine Bennett
Music ConsultantAndrew McLennan

Company Overview

Theater Company The Bell Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: The Bell Shakespeare Company [website]