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Internet Shakespeare Editions

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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Troilus and Cressida (2000, The Bell Shakespeare Company)

TitleTroilus and Cressida
Theater CompanyThe Bell Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsAustralia
Start Date2000-08
End Date2000-09
Play ConnectionsTroilus and Cressida (performance)
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Cast Overview

PriamPercy Sieff
HectorLuciano Martucci
TroilusToby Truslove
ParisChristopher Stollery
HelenusOliviero Papi
MargarelonJenny Schwinghammer
CassandraEmily Russell
AndromacheClaire Paradine
AeneasPeter Sumner
AntenorPeter Carroll
CalchasBille Brown
CressidaBlazey Best
PandarusBille Brown
AgamemnonVic Rooney
MenelausPercy Sieff
HelenHelen Thomson
AchillesMarcus Eyre
AjaxJohn Batchelor
UlyssesJohn Bell
NestorPeter Carroll
DiomedesBill Charlton
PatroclusDerren Nesbitt
ThersitesJohn Turnbull
AlexanderDerren Nesbitt
ClytemJenny Schwinghammer

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorJohn Bell
DirectorMichael Bogdanov
Costume DesignerUlrike Engelbrecht
Set DesignerMichael Scott-Mitchell
Lighting DesignerNick Schlieper
Associate Lighting DesignerMark Truebridge
Sound DesignerPeter Eades
ComposerNick Wales
Associate Fight DirectorSteve Douglas-Craig
Fight DirectorMalcolm Ranson
Technical ManagerBrett Graham
Production Co-ordinatorChris Burn
Production ManagerJulia Holt
Company ManagerGill Perkins
Stage ManagerJulie Lester
Stage ManagerPip Madgwick
Assistant Stage ManagerCali Vandyk-Dunlevy
Wardrobe SupervisorPeter Bevan
TailorTony Bonnici
Make Up ConsultantPeggy Carter
ArmourerGideon Marshall
Wardrobe ConstructionAnnie McCarthy
Touring WardrobeClaire Remond
Wardrobe ConstructionSuzette Waters
Production BuyerAnna Bryan
Production ConsultantNicholas Day
Props CostumeGeoffrey Hardy
Set ConstructionDiversion Productions
Scenic ArtScenographic Studios
Rehearsal ObserverAxel Schneider

Company Overview

Theater Company The Bell Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: The Bell Shakespeare Company [website]