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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Antony and Cleopatra (2006, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival)

TitleAntony and Cleopatra
Theater CompanyNebraska Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2006-06-29
End Date2006-07-09
Play ConnectionsAntony and Cleopatra (performance)
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Cast Overview

Octavius CaesarKevin Bensley
A SoothsayerPaul Boesing
OctaviaSarah Brown
Cleopatra's CourtTeresa Brunner
AlexasVincent Carlson
Cleopatra's CourtRaydell Cordell III
DolabellaJames FitzGerald
ThyreusAaron Michael Gomez
AgrippaMichael Herold
IrasAngela D. Horchem
ErosQadir Khan
CleopatraAnne Newhall
Sextus PompeiusJason O'Connell
EnobarbusCork Ramer
CanidiusAdam Scarpello
MenasDarrick Silkman
Mark AntonyHarris Smith
LepidusPaul G. Smith
Cleopatra's CourtAmbri White
Cleopatra's CourtWai Yim
CharmianGabra Zackman

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorCindy Melby Phaneuf
DirectorD. Scott Glasser
Associate Artistic DirectorD. Scott Glasser
Assistant DirectorErin Mulvany
Associate Artistic DirectorBill Van Deest
Assistant Costume DesignerLora L. Kaup
Costume DesignerMallory Prucha
Scenic DesignerBill Van Deest
Scenic DesignerJeff Weber
Lighting DesignerCarol Wisner
ComposerPaul Boesing
ChoreographerWai Yim
Assistant Technical DirectorAnthony Clark-Kaczmarek
Technical DirectorMark Krejci
Director of ProductionKasey R. Brandt
Managing DirectorMichael Markey
Company ManagerAshley Dawn Spessard
Stage ManagerLara Marsh
Assistant Stage ManagerLaura Knudson
StitcherHolly Ashcom
StitcherJulianna Brei-Crawley
Wardrobe CrewJennifer Bruce
Crafts and MakeupClint Doiel
Wardrobe CrewClint Doiel
Wardrobe SupervisorShannon Jackson
StitcherShannon Jackson
StitcherLora L. Kaup
Master Cutter/DraperMallory Prucha
StitcherLinda Prucha
StitcherJohn Ramirez
StitcherDeborah Rogers-Murray
StitcherRachel Samson
Costume Shop ManagerCharleen Willoughby
Lighting TechnicianToby Gibson
Light Board OperatorPatrick O'Connor
Lighting TechnicianPatrick O'Connor
Lighting TechnicianNick Pierce
Lighting TechnicianZach Smith
Lighting TechnicianJoshua Smith
Lighting TechnicianNick Zadina
Running Crew - AudioRande Ferguson
Running Crew - AudioNick Pierce
Sound TechnicianTom Sharman
Sound Board OperatorZach Smith
Audio EngineerRande Ferguson
Production AssistantRaShelle Bradley
Set Run CrewLucas Clopton
Head CarpenterMitch Critel
CarpenterCarl Dumicich
Set Run CrewToby Gibson
CarpenterToby Gibson
CarpenterBrad Howard
Property MasterMelanie Jones
Scenic PainterElizabeth Kendall
CarpenterMark Krejci
CarpenterTroy Lewellen
Set Run CrewTroy Lewellen
CarpenterJess Mayberry
Assistant Property MasterAndrea Murray
Assistant to Props ManangerAndrea Murray
Set Run CrewAmber Naylor
CarpenterZach Smith
Set Run CrewZach Smith
CarpenterShane Staiger
CarpenterDan Toberer
Master ElectricianCarol Wisner
Sign Language InterpreterLiz Polinski-Smith
Sign Language InterpreterRicky Smith

Company Overview

Theater Company Nebraska Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Nebraska Shakespeare Festival [website]