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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Hamlet (2001, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival)

Theater CompanyNebraska Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2001-06-28
End Date2001-07-08
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)
SettingElsinore Castle, Denmark
Media Collections

Cast Overview

MusicianTom Adams
PriestPaul Boesing
PoloniusPaul Boesing
PlayerTerry Brennan
MarcellusTerry Brennan
GuildensternKristen Bush
MusicianMichael Croswell
Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkBradford Farwell
GravediggerJames FitzGerald
PlayerJames FitzGerald
RosencrantzCraig Fitzpatrick
PlayerRichard Groetzinger
King ClaudiusBrent Harris
HoratioKristopher Gordon Kling
MusicianCraig Marsh
OpheliaSusan Papa
PlayerTuyet Thi Pham
FranciscoCork Ramer
GhostCork Ramer
OsricCork Ramer
PlayerChristopher Ross
LaertesChristopher Ross
PlayerLeon Satchell-Paige
BernardoLeon Satchell-Paige
Queen GertrudeKathleen Turco-Lyon
PlayerApril Wichman

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorCindy Melby Phaneuf
DirectorD. Scott Glasser
Assistant Technical DirectorMario Marchio
Assistant DirectorNick Mazzuca
Associate Artistic DirectorBill Van Deest
Costume DesignerLindsay Stang
Assistant to the Scenic DesignerErik D. Diaz
Scenic DesignerSteven L. Williams
Lighting DesignerJerry Onik
ComposerMichael Croswell
Fight DirectorTerry Doughman
Fight CaptainJames FitzGerald
Assistant to the Fight DirectorAmanda J. F. Miller
Technical DirectorHeather Stutheit
Managing DirectorMichael Markey
Production ManagerRachel S. McCutchen
Company/Site ManagerAngie O. Moy
Stage ManagerLynn Terry, Jr.
Assistant Stage ManagerLisa Vining
Wardrobe CrewStephanie Criser
First Hand/CraftspersonTravis Halsey
Wardrobe CrewAmie James
Wardrobe CrewHolly Kinney
Wardrobe CrewVanessa Moore
StitcherJennifer Pool
Assistant to the Costumer DesignerMallory Prucha
Wardrobe SupervisorAndromeda Ross
Costume Cutter/DraperSharon Sobel
Costume Shop Manager/Cutter/DraperCharleen Willoughby
Lighting TechnicianKim Anthony
Lighting TechnicianAmy Bertacini
Lighting TechnicianVincent Dayries
Running Crew - LightsToby Gibson
Lighting TechnicianLindsay Moore
Audio EngineerRande Ferguson
Assistant to the Audio EngineerJoy Marshall
CarpenterKim Bagby
Stage CrewAmy Bertacini
CarpenterAmy Bertacini
CarpenterTerry Brennan
CarpenterVincent Carlson
PainterErik Diaz
CarpenterErik Diaz
CarpenterSteven Finley
Assistant to the Master ElectricianToby Gibson
Stage CrewBrad Howard
Property DesignerMelanie Jones
Stage CrewLindsay Moore
Master ElectricianJerry Onik
Stage CrewBart Thompson
CarpenterLeah Urzendowski
Stage CrewEric Whitney
PainterSteven L. Williams
Sign Language InterpreterDawn Clouse
Sign Language InterpreterKaren Potter-Maxwell

Company Overview

Theater Company Nebraska Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Nebraska Shakespeare Festival [website]