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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Winter's Tale (1998, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival)

TitleThe Winter's Tale
Theater CompanyNebraska Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1998-06-25
End Date1998-07-05
Play ConnectionsThe Winter's Tale (performance)
SettingThe play takes place in the imaginary kingdoms of Sicilia, Bohemia and Omaha
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Cast Overview

LeontesMichael Rudko
MamillusJohn Dittrick
CamilloRichard Groetzinger
AntigonusMichael Herold
CleomenesScott Kurz
DionBrian Mallgrave
PolixenesBrent Harris
FlorizelBrian Vaughn
Old ShepherdAlan Klem
Young ShepherdKristopher Gordon Kling
AutolycusChris Mixon
MarinerScott Kurz
JailerAlan Klem
HermioneAmy Kunz
PerditaApril Wichman
PaulinaPamela Carter
EmiliaAnne Dudek
MopsaMichael Herold
DorcasAnne Dudek
Lord of the CourtKristopher Gordon Kling
First LordDonald David LaPlant
Lord of the CourtChristopher Ross
Lord of the CourtBrian Vaughn
A GentlemanMichael Herold
A LadyApril Wichman
BohemianPamela Carter
MusicianMichael Croswell
SonJohn Dittrick
BohemianJohn Dittrick
BohemianAmy Kunz
MotherAmy Kunz
BohemianScott Kurz
BohemianDonald David LaPlant
BohemianBrian Mallgrave
BohemianChristopher Ross

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorD. Scott Glasser
Assistant DirectorTrudi Forster
Costume DesignerWendy Stark
Assistant Set DesignerPaul Eric Pape
Scenic DesignerSteven L. Williams
Assistant Lighting DesignerJerry Onik
Lighting DesignerRobert W. Welk
ComposerMichael Croswell
Stage ManagerKasey R. Brandt
Assistant Stage ManagerEdward Pedersen
Assistant Stage ManagerBecky Votrobek
Assistant Costume DesignerErin Dunn
Audio EngineerJerry R. Ditter
Master ElectricianJerry Onik
Properties DesignerPaul Eric Pape
Sign Language InterpreterJames Gardner
Sign Language InterpreterCollin Gibbs

Company Overview

Theater Company Nebraska Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Nebraska Shakespeare Festival [website]