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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Hamlet (1988, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival)

Theater CompanyNebraska Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1988-06-30
End Date1988-07-10
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)
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Cast Overview

Player (Dancer)Nancy Anderson
Courtier and AttendantNancy Anderson
Courtier and AttendantJill Anderson
Player (Queen)Jill Anderson
MarcellusBrian Barratt
Courtier and AttendantBrian Barratt
LaertesKevin Barratt
ClaudiusCharles Carroll
HoratioKevin Crawford
PoloniusFrancis Fuselier
GravediggerFrancis Fuselier
Courtier and AttendantKeith Hale
GuildensternKeith Hale
Player (King)Jay Karnes
Courtier and AttendantJay Karnes
FortinbrasJay Karnes
FranciscoJay Karnes
PriestBrendan Kelly
RosencrantzBrendan Kelly
Courtier and AttendantBrendan Kelly
HamletCasey Kizziah
ReynaldoArthur Kent Lindemer
Player (Prologue)Arthur Kent Lindemer
OsricArthur Kent Lindemer
Courtier and AttendantArthur Kent Lindemer
OpheliaKathleen Mulligan
Courtier and AttendantMichael Nord
Player (Dancer)Michael Nord
First PlayerCork Ramer
Ghost of Hamlet's FatherCork Ramer
Courtier and AttendantShull Rayberg
Player (Dancer)Shull Rayberg
Courtier and AttendantTim Siragusa
BernardoTim Siragusa
GertrudeAngela Vitale
Player (Dancer)SuAnn Witt
Courtier and AttendantSuAnn Witt
Player (Dancer)Kathleen Zuchniak
Courtier and AttendantKathleen Zuchniak

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAlan Klem
Assistant DirectorJudy Petersen
DramaturgKristine M. Dunbar
Costume DesignerJohn M. Gergel
Scenic DesignerSteven Wheeldon
Lighting DesignerSteven Wheeldon
Sound DesignerSteve Paxton
Dance ChoreographerNancy Anderson
Fight ChoreographerJames S. Payne
Technical DirectorMike Runice
Stage ManagerSteven J. Peters
Acting CoachBill Kirk
Lighting ControlJerry Onik
Sound EngineerRande Ferguson
Set Construction byHeartland Scenic Studio
Properties MasterBob Donlan

Company Overview

Theater Company Nebraska Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Nebraska Shakespeare Festival [website]