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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Julius Caesar (2006, Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis)

TitleJulius Caesar
Theater CompanyShakespeare Festival of St. Louis
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2006-05-24
End Date2006-06-18
Play ConnectionsJulius Caesar (performance)
SettingRome and Philippi. 44 B.C.
Media Collections

Cast Overview

Julius CaesarRaphael Nash Thompson
Mark AntonyJim Butz
Octavius CaesarBrian A. Peters
LepidusGary Glasgow
CalphurniaMonica Parks
CiceroRichard Lewis
Popilius LenaJared Sanz-Agero
Marcus BrutusDavid Andrew Macdonald
Caius CassiusMark Mineart
CascaJames Beaman
TreboniusGary Wayne Barker
Caius LigariusGary Glasgow
Decius BrutusReginald Metcalf
Metellus CimberJerome A. Russo
CinnaJason Cannon
PortiaKrista Hoeppner
FlaviusDavid M. Steckel
MarullusJerome A. Russo
ArtemidorusChristopher Harris
A SoothsayerThomasina Clarke
Cinna the PoetRichard Lewis
TitiniusJason Cannon
MessalaGary Wayne Barker
VolumniusDavid M. Steckel
ClitusJames Beaman
LuciusWilliam Davis, III
DardaniusRichard Lewis
PindarusChristopher Harris
Caesar's ServantChristopher Harris
Antony's ServantRyan Mills
Octavius' ServantDavid M. Steckel
RacerWilliam Davis, III
A CobblerGary Glasgow
RacerRyan Mills
A CarpenterBrian A. Peters

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJoe Discher
Costume DesignerDorothy Marshall Englis
Scenic DesignerJim Burwinkel
Lighting DesignerMatthew E. Adelson
Sound DesignerAnn Slayton
Composer and Sound EffectsRobin Weatherall
Stage ManagerChampe Leary
Voice and Text CoachBruce Longworth

Company Overview

Theater Company Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis [website]