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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Macbeth (1993, American Repertory Theatre)

Theater CompanyAmerican Repertory Theatre
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1993-06-24
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
Media Collections

Cast Overview

MacbethPhilip Anglim
Lady MacbethCandy Buckley
Lady MacduffJennifer London
Duncan, King of ScotlandAlvin Epstein
MalcolmChristopher Johnson
DonalbainRobert Shelton
BanquoJack Willis
MacduffRoyal E. Miller
LennoxSven Miller
RossFaran Tahir
MenteithRobert Shelton
FleanceWhitney Haring-Smith
SiwardJack Willis
Young SiwardRobert Shelton
Second WitchLeslie Beatty
Third WitchJennifer London
First WitchSarah Newhouse
SeytonJeremy Geidt
Young MacduffWhitney Haring-Smith
DoctorAlvin Epstein
Bleeding CaptainRoyal E. Miller
PorterJeremy Geidt
GentlewomanSarah Newhouse
MurdererAlvin Epstein
MurdererJeremy Geidt
MurdererSven Miller
MurdererAlexander Pak
MurdererRobert Shelton
MurdererJack Willis
Second ApparitionAlvin Epstein
Third ApparitionWhitney Haring-Smith
First ApparitionRoyal E. Miller
ServantAlexander Pak

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAlvin Epstein
Assistant DirectorSuzanne Ramczyk
DramaturgSarah Stevenson
Costume Design and Coordination byKaren Eister
Lighting DesignerJohn Ambrosone
Sound EngineerMaribeth Back
Fight ChoreographerSuzanne Ramczyk
Production Stage ManagerAbbie H. Katz
Stage ManagerChrista Chapman
Voice, Speech and Text CoachBonnie Raphael

Company Overview

Theater Company American Repertory Theatre

Production information courtesy of: American Repertory Theatre [website]