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Internet Shakespeare Editions

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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2 (1993, American Repertory Theatre)

TitleHenry IV, Parts 1 and 2
Theater CompanyAmerican Repertory Theatre
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1993-11-26
End Date1993-12
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (performance)
Henry IV, Part 2 (performance)
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Cast Overview

King Henry, <em>earlier known as Henry Bolingbroke</em>Alvin Epstein
Henry, <em>also known as Hal</em>Bill Camp
John, Prince of LancasterChristopher Johnson
Earl of WestmorelandWill LeBow
Sir Walter BluntJack Willis
Thomas Percy, Earl of WorchesterNoble Shropshire
Henry Percy, <em>known as Hotspur</em>Royal E. Miller
Sir Edmund MortimerKarm Kerwell
Earl of DouglasHerb Downer
Owen GlendowerHerb Downer
Sir Richard VernonBenjamin Evett
Sir John FalstaffJeremy Geidt
Ned PoinsPhillip Munson
GadshillMark Boyett
PetoRobert McDonough
BardolphThomas Derrah
Lady MortimerJessica Walling
Mistress QuicklyRemo Airaldi
GowerMark Boyett
Thomas, Duke of ClarenceMark Boyett
Archbishop of YorkHerb Downer
Lord BardolphBenjamin Evett
PistolBenjamin Evett
BullcalfJames Farmer
SnareJames Farmer
Sir John ColvilleJames Farmer
Falstaff's PageNathaniel Gundy
RalphChristopher Johnson
FangKarm Kerwell
WartKarm Kerwell
The Lord Chief JusticeWill LeBow
FeebleRobert McDonough
The Earl of WarwickRoyal E. Miller
FrancisVontress Mitchell
ShadowVontress Mitchell
DavyPhillip Munson
Humphrey, Duke of GloucesterTodd Peters
MouldyTodd Peters
Lady PercyMaggie Rush
Doll TearsheetMaggie Rush
SilenceNoble Shropshire
Lord MowbrayKevin Waldron
BeadleKevin Waldron
Lord HastingsJack Willis
ShallowWilliam Young
Henry Percy, Earl of NorththumberlandWilliam Young

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorRon Daniels
Associate DirectorSteven Maler
DramaturgRobert Scanlan
Costume DesignerGabriel Berry
Lighting DesignerFrances Aronson
Sound DesignerMaribeth Back
Music/Sound Designed byBruce Odland
Fight ChoreographerJeni Breen
Stage ManagerKathleen Cunneen
Stage ManagerLori Lundquist
Stage ManagerRuth E. Sternberg
Voice and Speech CoachBonnie Raphael
Production AssociateGwendolyn Burrow
Production AssociateLorri Fischer

Company Overview

Theater Company American Repertory Theatre

Production information courtesy of: American Repertory Theatre [website]