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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Romeo and Juliet (1998, Marin Shakespeare Company)

TitleRomeo and Juliet
Theater CompanyMarin Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1998-08-28
End Date1998-09-27
Play ConnectionsRomeo and Juliet (performance)
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Cast Overview

RomeoDavid Berkson
JulietAmanda Diaz
Prince EscalusDarren Bridgett
Count ParisFeodor Chin
Lord MontagueJack Halton
Lady MontagueJennifer Stephens
Lady CapuletLeslie de Palo
Lord CapuletGary S. Martinez
NursePhoebe Moyer
Old CapuletJack Halton
MercutioMichael Eliopoulos
BenvolioBob Borwick
TybaltRudy Guerrero
Friar LawrenceMichael A. Berg
Friar JohnDarren Bridgett
BalthasarJoshua Bernardini
AbramJonathan Lee
GregoryGabriel Weiss
PeterDoug Nolan
ApothecaryJack Halton
ChorusDarren Bridgett
Chief WatchmanRudy Guerrero
Capulet BoyNate Currier
Capulet BoyJackson Currier

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorLesley Schisgall Currier
CostumerMichael A. Berg
Set and Light DesignerBruce Lackovic
ChoreographyLa Tonya Watts
Stage ManagerJanette Hubert
Props DesignerMary Jo Goss

Company Overview

Theater Company Marin Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: Marin Shakespeare Company [website]