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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Merchant of Venice (2004, River City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will Players)

TitleThe Merchant of Venice
Theater CompanyRiver City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will Players
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2004-06-25
End Date2004-07-18
Play ConnectionsThe Merchant of Venice (performance)
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Cast Overview

ShylockJohn Wright
AntonioTroy O'Donnell
BassanioSheldon Elter
PortiaAnnette Loiselle
NerissaDaniela Vlaskalic
DukeGeorge Szilagyi
Prince of MoroccoMichael Scholar, Jr.
Prince of ArragonMichael Scholar, Jr.
SolanioJeff Page
GratianoKevin Corey
SalerioJulien Arnold
LorenzoMichael Bridgman
JessicaTiffani Mann
TubalPaul Morgan Donald
LauncelotChris Bullough
Old GobboJeff Page
LeonardoMark Jenkins
BalthasarShannon Blanchet
GaolerMark Jenkins
ServantMelissa MacPherson
WaiterMelissa MacPherson
MusicianPaul Morgan Donald

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorJohn Kirkpatrick
DirectorMarianne Copithorne
Costume DesignerNarda McCarroll
Set and Properties DesignerCat Mudryk
English LyricsPaul Morgan Donald
Music and LyricYitzik Manger
Production ManagerMarian Brant
General ManagerLinda Huffman
Assistant Production ManagerBrendan Nearey
Assistant General Manager/Volunteer CoordinatorSarah Polkinghorne
Stage ManagerTracey Byrne
Apprentice Stage ManagerCandice Charney
Assistant Stage ManagerBeth Grieve
Head of CostumeJoanna Johnston
CostumerInger Lorsignol
Assistant to the DesignersRenata Pohl
CostumerJen Russell
CostumerKaren Swiderski
Assistant to the DesignersPatrick Du Wors
Audio CoordinatorWade Staples
Audio TechnicianRyan Telfer
CarpenterGreg Brown
CarpenterBarney Domshy
Head CarpenterPeter Locock
CarpenterIvan Siemens

Company Overview

Theater Company River City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will Players

Production information courtesy of: Free Will Players [website]