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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Julius Caesar (2000, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleJulius Caesar
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2000-06-30
End Date2000-08-26
Play ConnectionsJulius Caesar (performance)
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Cast Overview

Julius CaesarRay Kemble
Marc AntonyJeremy Stiles Holm
Octavius CaesarNeil Edward Hopkins
LepidusRichard J. Canzano
CalphurniaLaiona Weaver
CiceroJames E.L. Esely
PubliusJoel C. Morello
PopiliusChan Casey
BrutusJohn Tessmer
CassiusTimothy Carter
CascaTerry Burnsed
TreboniusNeil Edward Hopkins
LigariusRichard J. Canzano
CinnaBrian Dietzen
Cinna, a PoetChip Persons
PortiaLindsay Clarke
FlaviusPaul A. Kahn
MarullusEric Lawrence
SoothsayerBrantley Haines
LuciliusBrantley Haines
TitiniusBrian Dietzen
VolumniusTerry Burnsed
StratoRichard J. Canzano
LuciusChip Persons
DardaniusMichael Christian Huftile
PindarusChan Casey
2nd CitizenRichard J. Canzano
CobblerRichard J. Canzano
CarpenterChan Casey
4th CitizenChan Casey
1st CitizenPaul A. Kahn
3rd CitizenEric Lawrence
Caesar's ServantChan Casey
MetellusMatthew C. Dente
Antony's OfficerMatthew C. Dente
Antony's OfficerJames E.L. Esely
Antony's ServantJames E.L. Esely
Octavius' ServantBrantley Haines
DeciusMichael Christian Huftile
MessengerEric Lawrence

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorPatrick Kelly
Assistant Director/DramaturgJeff Grapko
Costume DesignerJeanne Arnold
Scenic DesignerBruce Brockman
Lighting DesignerMichael Wellborn
Fight CaptainJeremy Stiles Holm
Stage ManagerWes Wyse
Assistant Stage ManagerPenny Goersmeyer
Voice and Text CoachBetty Moulton
DresserMatthew S. Holloway
DresserEmily McElroy
Wigs/MakeupSarah A. Opstad
Wardrobe ManagerDixon Reynolds
DresserAmy Stringe
Light Board OperatorAndrew Woods
Sound Board OperatorMatthew Carpenter
Sound DesignerKevin Dunayer
Prop CrewAmy L. Luckow
Stage Crew/FollowspotLaura A. Manning
Deck ElectricianMira Suddarth
Stage Crew HeadDaniel J. Sylvia
Prop Crew HeadCara Wade

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]