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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Henry IV, Part 1 (1999, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleHenry IV, Part 1
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1999-06-25
End Date1999-08-21
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (performance)
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Cast Overview

Henry IVJoel C. Morello
Prince HalMichael Christian Huftile
Prince JohnBrian Dietzen
WestmorelandChan Casey
BluntEric C. Lawrence
WorcesterNeil David Seibel
NorthumberlandJon Dolton
HotspurRandy Howk
MortimerChan Casey
ScroopJon Dolton
MichaelRyan Blakely
DouglasJeremy S. Holm
GlendowerJoel C. Morello
VernonMcCaleb Burnett
FalstaffMichael Kevin
PoinsAllen Liu
GadshillJeremy S. Holm
PetoGene Gillette
BardolphRick Wiles
Lady PercyIvi Acuna
Lady MortimerHope Salas
Mistress QuicklyBarbara Zahora
SoldierBrian Dietzen
SoldierJon Dolton
SoldierDavid L. Erickson
SoldierGene Gillette
SoldierJeremy S. Holm
SoldierAllen Liu
SoldierJohnny Strange
SoldierRick Wiles
SheriffDavid L. Erickson
VinterEric C. Lawrence
ChamberlainMcCaleb Burnett
Carrier 2Brian Dietzen
Carrier 1Johnny Strange
Traveler 2Chan Casey
Traveler 1Eric C. Lawrence
Hotspur's ServantRyan Blakely
King's ServantRyan Blakely
Hotspur's PageJohnny Strange
ScavengerIvi Acuna
FrancisBrian Dietzen
MonkAllen Liu
ScavengerHope Salas
ScavengerBarbara Zahora

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorMichael Addison
Assistant DirectorKim Axline
DramaturgJulie Chase
Costume DesignerCarolyn Lancet
Scenic DesignerKathleen Widomski
Lighting DesignerMichael Wellborn
Sound DesignerKevin Dunayer
Welsh Song ComposerAnn Marie Stewart
Fight DirectorPayson Burt
Stage ManagerLisa Cook
Assistant Stage ManagerEmily Smith
Voice and Text CoachLesley-Ann Timlick
DresserRichard Gregg
DresserJocelyn Melechinsky
Wardrobe ManagerRobin Pozen
Wigs/MakeupAmy Stringe
DresserJessica Worsnop
Light Board OperatorKyle Carson
Sound Board OperatorPierre Dupree
Prop CrewDustin C. Efird
Stage CrewTrey R. Olmesdahl
Stage CrewJason Santti
Prop CrewRebecca M. Saporito
Deck ElectricianPaul Sauter

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]