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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Macbeth (1994, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1994-06-25
End Date1994-08-14
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
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Cast Overview

MacbethCharles Siebert
Lady MacbethLynnda Ferguson
DuncanGrant Sullivan
MalcolmJeffrey Doornbos
DonalbainRoyden Mills
BanquoRick Long
MacduffJames Haskins
Lady MacduffSarah Hartmann
LennoxTrent Dawson
RossJohn Tessmer
AngusFrank Martinez Jr
FleanceCorey Simpson
SiwardGrant Sullivan
Young SiwardRoyden Mills
Captain of Duncan's ArmyPatrick Huey
The Weird SistersChristine Barley
The Weird SistersSabra Malkinson
The Weird SistersThom Rivera
SeytonBrad Griffith
Son of the MacduffsBrendan Horton
A DoctorPatrick Huey
Porter of Macbeth's CastleThom Rivera
Gentlewoman to Lady MacbethChristine Barley
MurdererFrank Martinez Jr
MurdererGrant Sullivan
A ServantCorey Simpson
A MessengerRoyden Mills

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorPatrick Kelly
Assistant to the Director/DramaturgMelissa Salz
Costume DesignerAnne Thaxter Watson
Scenic DesignerScott Weldin
Lighting DesignerMichael Wellborn
Sound DesignerKevin Dunayer
Fight CaptainTrent Dawson
Fight ChoreographerDale Anthony Girard
Stage ManagerJennifer Kimball
Assistant Stage ManagerLaura Steib
Voice/Speech CoachBetty Moulton
DresserKeena Beckman
DresserElizabeth J. Giesel
DresserKatharine Guthrie
Wardrobe ManagerLisa Lillig
Wig/Makeup CrewMelyssa Swensen
Light Board OperatorGlenn R. Stratakes
Sound Board OperatorBethany Phelps Tucker
Stage CrewJeffery A. Carson
Prop CrewDouglas A. Decker
Floor ElectricianEd Ellert
Stage CrewDaniel "Sprout" Finney
Prop CrewErik E. Hedblom

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]