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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

All's Well That Ends Well (1981, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleAll's Well That Ends Well
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1981-07-17
End Date1981-08-21
Play ConnectionsAll's Well That Ends Well (performance)
SettingFrance and Italy
Media Collections

Cast Overview

CitizenPaul Barchilon
Lords and SoldiersDan Bedard
Lady of FranceJeanne Bonnett
CitizenJeanne Bonnett
Third LordDavid C. Brauer
BertramPeter Crook
Widow CapiletLou Estes
AmeliaLou Estes
Dumaine the YoungerChristopher Burritt Freeman
HelenaMegan Gallagher
Lords and SoldiersGary Glasgow
Lady of FranceClare-Marie Guthrie
MarianaClare-Marie Guthrie
Dumaine the ElderDavid O. Harum
CouncilorJason Kenny
Duke of FlorenceRandy Kleffner
LavatchBarry Kramer
Lords and SoldiersRichard Olas Malmberg
Lords and SoldiersMichael Mancuso
ParollesDavid Manis
Lords and SoldiersLynn Mathis
Lords and SoldiersTom Mitchell
Lords and SoldiersDuncan T. Osborne
CitizenDuncan T. Osborne
DianaMargaret Reed
CitizenTom Rowan
IsbelAndrea S. Rutledge
CitizenAndrea S. Rutledge
Lords and SoldiersSamuel C. Sandoe
CitizenSamuel C. Sandoe
A SoldierTom Stadler
Countess of RossillionLaurel White
The King of FranceCharles Wilcox
LafewWill York

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorMichael Kahn
Assistant to the DirectorJanet L. Kalas
Assistant to the DirectorKimberley Stone
Costume DesignerMariann Verheyen
Scenic DesignerRobert N. Schmidt
Lighting DesignerRichard M. Devin
Sound DesignerShirley Grubb
ChoreographerAaron Smith
Technical DirectorStancil Campbell
Technical CoordinatorBruce Jackson, Jr.
Stage ManagerMontgomery Kuklenski
Assistant to the Stage ManagerTom Rowan
Vocal CoachBonnie Raphael
Costume Shop ManagerDeborah Bays
Makeup ArtistJean Bolte
Costume CrewGail Campbell
Hair DresserDavid Cushing
TailorMary Katherine DeWitt
CutterMary Katherine DeWitt
Costume CrewMiriam Lippel
Costume CrewLaura Love
Costume CrewMary Moineau
Costume CrewChristine Pieper
MillinerJ. Matthew Reeves
DraperMadelyn Shaw
CutterMadelyn Shaw
Costume CrewKaren Warren
Light Board OperatorEdward E. Ellert
Assistant Lighting DesignerJennifer Gilbert
Sound OperatorRuss Barron
ElectricianEdward E. Ellert
Set CrewRobert Franklin
Set CrewVanessa Harding
ElectricianVanessa Harding
Master ElectricianJames R. Hullihan
Property MasterBruce Jackson, Jr.
Set CrewTim A. Lacey
Set CrewJulie Murphy
Set CrewPerry O'Neill
Master CarpenterCharles T. Parsons
Set CrewCarrie Shaw
Set CrewEd Stafford
Shop Technicians/Running CrewRuss Barron
Shop Technicians/Running CrewSusan Early
Special ProjectsFiona M. Galbraith
Shop Technicians/Running CrewJennifer Gilbert
Shop Technicians/Running CrewManson Root
Shop Technicians/Running CrewCelia M. Sedwick
Shop Technicians/Running CrewPamalene J. Worden

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]