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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Henry IV, Part 1 (1978, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleHenry IV, Part 1
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1978-07-21
End Date1978-08-18
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (performance)
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Cast Overview

King Henry the FourthRichard Maynard
Henry, Prince of Wales (Hal)David Bryant
Prince John of LancasterDavid M. Wells
Earl of WestmorelandPeter D. Griffin
Sir Walter BluntJames Finnegan
Thomas Percy, Earl of WorcesterLarry Friedlander
Henry Percy, Earl of NorthumberlandRod Mays
Henry Percy (Hotspur)William Davis
Edmund Mortimer, Earl of MarchDan Sanders
Richard Scroop, Archbishop of YorkLeonardo Difilippis
Sir MichaelBrad Gordon
Archibald, Earl of DouglasCharles Wilcox
Owne GlendowerRichard Marcus
Sir Richard VernonLawrence Reese
PoinsAllan Trautman
GadshillRobin Hodge
PetoDon Laventhall
BardolphWilliam J. Johnson
Lady Percy (Kate)Susannah Halston
Lady MortimerCarol Hansche
Mistress QuicklyJan Krelle
SheriffC. V. "Ben" Bennett
VintnerCole McMartin
ChamberlainRainard Rachele
Mugs, a carrierJeffrey Brownson
A CarrierJay R. Wisecarver
TravellerBrad Gordon
TravellerRobert Willson
Hotspur's ServantAlan Tilson
The King's SoldiersC. V. "Ben" Bennett
Falstaff's ArmyC. V. "Ben" Bennett
The King's SoldiersJeffrey Brownson
The Rebel SoldiersShirley Carnahan
The Rebel SoldiersLeonardo Defilippis
The Rebel SoldiersBrad Gordon
MonkSusannah Halston
MonkCarol Hansche
Falstaff's ArmyRobin Hodge
MonkJan Krelle
The King's SoldiersRichard Marcus
MonkRod Mays
The King's SoldiersCole McMartin
Falstaff's ArmyCole McMartin
The King's SoldiersRainard Rachele
Falstaff's ArmyRainard Rachele
MonkReinard Rachele
The Rebel SoldiersLawrence Reese
The Rebel SoldiersDan Sanders
The King's SoldiersPhilip C. Sneed
FrancisPhilip C. Sneed
MonkPhilip C. Sneed
The Rebel SoldiersAlan Tilson
Messenger 2Alan Tilson
The King's SoldiersAllan Trautman
The King's SoldiersRobert Willson
Messenger 1Robert Willson
WatchRobert Willson
The King's SoldiersJay R. Wisecarver

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAudrey Stanley
Assistant DirectorLouise Diamond
Assistant DirectorCheryle Healion
Costume DesignerLynn Ellen McLeod
Scenic DesignerNorvid Jenkins Roos
Lighting DesignerRichard Riddell
Sound DesignerJohn Lawrence Rothrock
Fight MasterCharles Wilcox
Technical DirectorTony Diemont
Stage ManagerJ. Andrew Burgreen
MillinerRobin Elaine Doane
Wardrobe MistressRobin Elaine Doane
Costumes and MakeupWendy Oldenburg
CutterCathy Susan Pyles
Makeup DesignerPenelope Rene Stames
Costumes and MakeupNancy Wagner
Costumes and MakeupMary-Hilleary Waters
Costumes and MakeupJennifer Westdal
Lighting OperatorWarren L. Cochran
Lighting OperatorEd Intemann
Lighting OperatorDan Kotlowitz
Sound OperatorEd Intemann
Musical DirectorBruce Howard White
PropertiesLarz Anderson
Master CarpenterWarren L. Cochran
Properties MasterRon Keller
PropertiesMary Lipscomb
Master ElectricianRaymond H. Waldorf

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]