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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

All's Well That Ends Well (1970, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleAll's Well That Ends Well
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1970-07-31
End Date1970-08-16
Play ConnectionsAll's Well That Ends Well (performance)
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Cast Overview

Lord Escalus DumaineRobert Barton
Lord Gaston DumaineDavid Gerald Bouvier
AttendantWilliam Cass
Young LordWilliam Cass
AttendantMichael Courtney
Young LordMichael Courtney
Widowle Clanche du Rand
King of FranceJames M. Edmondson
Duke of FlorenceCarl Mikal Franklin
HellenDenene von Glan Grant
Lord LafewKen Grantham
AttendantsGregory Hoyt
Young LordGregory Hoyt
MarianaAnne Kissack
DianaRoger Klaiber
Lavatch, the household clownRichard Marion
Young LordAllen Nause
PageAllen Nause
Drummer to the DukeAllen Nause
SoldierMichael Pedigo
Young LordMichael Pedigo
BetramScott Porter
SoldierMichael Renner
Attendant to the KingMichael Renner
RynaldoEdgar Reynolds
Banner to the DukeSamuel C. Sandoe
Countess of RossillionRicky Weiser
ParollesCal Winn
Attendant to the KingLeigh Woods
AttendantLeigh Woods
Young LordDavid Wright

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJames Sandoe
Assistant to the DirectorJan Campbell
Associate DirectorRicky Weiser
Costume DesignerLynne R. Hemmingway
SoundJohn Bowen
SoundMimi Weinstein
Technical DirectorRoger Klaiber
Stage ManagerRobert Nelson
Assistant Stage ManagerSusan Doyle
LightingEdwin Drake
LightingDana Keyser
LightingWia Marchio
LightingJerome Nolan
LightingGeorge Sides
PropertiesPeggy Ann Walker
PropertiesLucille Wright
Property DesignerW. Joseph Zender

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]