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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Henry VI, Part 3 (1969, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleHenry VI, Part 3
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1969-07
End Date1969-08
Play ConnectionsHenry VI, Part 3 (performance)
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Cast Overview

Lady, Soldier, AttendantIngrid Asmus
Lord, Soldier, AttendantRay Bell
Baron CliffordDavid Gerald Bouvier
Lord, Soldier, AttendantJames Canada
Queen MargaretRandi Douglas
Lady, Soldier, AttendantAvril Draudt
Earl of OxfordFarrell L. Dyde
King HenryJames M. Edmondson
Lord, Soldier, AttendantJames Francisco
Lady Elizabeth GrayDenene von Glan Grant
Marquess of MontaguStanley Grindstaff
Duke of ExeterHugh M. Heckman
Earl of PembrokeWilliam Huddleston
Earl of NorthumberlandWilliam Huddleston
Lady, Soldier, AttendantCosima Krueger
Lord, Soldier, AttendantLawrence Lippert
Richard, Duke of GloucesterDennis Lipscomb
Lord, Soldier, AttendantRobert Lipscombe
Edmund, Earl of RutlandRussell Longtin
Earl of WarwickJulian Lopez-Morillas
Edmund, Earl of MarchJames McLarty
Lady, Soldier, AttendantMarian Michner
Prince of WalesJames Pedigo
Lord, Soldier, AttendantRobert Phillips
Lord, Soldier, AttendantJeffrey Reese
Duke of SomersetVictor Reinking
Lady, Soldier, AttendantJune Richter
Lady BonaNedra Ruiz
Lord StaffordNedra Ruiz
Lady, Soldier, AttendantAnne Springer
Lady, Soldier, AttendantBess Thomas
King LewisPeter Michael Webster
Lady, Soldier, AttendantKaren Wertheimer
George, Duke of ClarenceCal Winn
Richard, Duke of YorkCal Winn
Lord HastingsRobert Wolberg

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorThomas W. Schmunk
DirectorMichael Addison
Assistant DirectorMarilyn Grotszky
Associate Technical DirectorGary Schattschneider
Costume DesignerThomas W. Schmunk
Fight CoordinatorRandi Douglas
Fight CoordinatorEd Stafford
Technical DirectorDavid Waggoner
Stage ManagerRoy Hatch
Assistant Stage ManagerJudy Elsner
ArmorerDennis Graves
Associate CostumerPamela Mason
Lighting CrewMarilyn Bush
Lighting CrewEdward Kane
Lighting CrewRuss Mallott
Lighting CrewDiane Testor
SoundDan Bunting
SoundJames Meyer
MusicJulian Lopez-Morillas
Property DesignerJoyce Aysta
Property Crew CheifJoyce Aysta
Property CrewMary Lake
Property CrewSandy Mallott
Property CrewAndrew Natzke
Property CrewKaren Tharp
Property Crew CheifDiana Wheelock

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]