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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Merchant of Venice (1966, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleThe Merchant of Venice
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1966-08-06
End Date1966-08-21
Play ConnectionsThe Merchant of Venice (performance)
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Cast Overview

ShylockLawrence Gallegos
AntonioJames Edmondson
BassanioMark Bramhall
Portiale Clanche du Rand Morgan
NerissaDana Larson
Duke of VenicePhillip Forester
Prince of MoroccoBarry Kraft
Prince of ArragonCharles Conwell
SalanioGarrett Schenck
GratianoJames Sutorius
SalarioNed Lemley
LorenzoPatrick McDermott
JessicaLynne O'Brien
TubalKen DeGusta
Lancelot GobboDavid Hunter
Old GobboFrederick Walter
LeonardoMichael Janover
BalthazarJames Lang
StephanoMilton Biles

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAlbert H. Nadeau
Assistant to the DirectorPhilip Larson
Original MusicJulian Lopez-Morillas
Original MusicJulian López-Morillas
Stage ManagerJames I. Von Schempp
Assistant Stage ManagerRegina Oliver
MakeupNed Lemley
Light Crew ChiefRobert Peckham
PropertiesSandy Swinehart

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]