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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Julius Caesar (2000, Upstart Crow Theatre Group)

TitleJulius Caesar
Theater CompanyUpstart Crow Theatre Group
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2000-04-12
End Date2000-04-23
Play ConnectionsJulius Caesar (performance)
Media Collections

Cast Overview

Julius CaesarCliff Makinson
Mark AntonyStephen Flett
Octavius Caesar (in the Present)Barbie Cooke
Lepidus (in the Present)Bonnie Gray
CalpurniaTina Silver
Popilius LenaBob O'Neill
Marcus Brutus (in the Present)Chris Coculuzzi
Marcus BrutusDavid Howse
Caius Cassius (in the Present)Jacki Garceau
Caius CassiusElena Kaufman
CascaTom Anastasios
TreboniusBonnie Gray
Decius BrutusJay Prychidny
Metellus CimberBarbie Cooke
CinnaTina Silver
PortiaBonnie Gray
ArtemidorusBarbie Cooke
SoothsayerBarry Lavender
Lucilius (in the Present)Bonnie Gray
Titinius (in the Present)Stephen Flett
Messala (in the Present)Tina Silver
Claudius (in the Present)Jay Prychidny
LuciusBob O'Neill
Pindarus (in the Present)Barbie Cooke
Mark Antony (in the Present)Tom Anastasios

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic Director and DirectorChris Coculuzzi
Costume DesignerChris Coculuzzi
Set and Properties DesignerBob O'Neill
Lighting DesignerEtuska Sutherland Varga
Production ManagerDavid Howse
General ManagerKathy Plamondon
Stage ManagerDaniel Minsky
ASM and Lighting OperatorIsobel Donaldson
PhotographerKathy Plamondon
Production AssistantTom Anastasios
Production AssistantSteve Dazzi
Production AssistantBonnie Gray
Production AssistantCliff Makinson
Production AssistantLinda McKenney
Production AssistantBob O'Neill
PaintingsSarah Ennals
Poster DesignGul Arguner
Graphic DesignNathan Shrubsole

Company Overview

Theater Company Upstart Crow Theatre Group

Production information courtesy of: Upstart Crow Theatre Group [website]