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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Romeo and Juliet (1998, Phoenix Theatre, University of Victoria)

TitleRomeo and Juliet
Theater CompanyPhoenix Theatre, University of Victoria
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1998-11-12
End Date1998-11-28
Play ConnectionsRomeo and Juliet (performance)
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Cast Overview

RomeoScott Williams
JulietMairi Babb
Escalus/Man in MantuaGerry Turple
ParisJames Hallam
Montague/Man in MantuaAlex Robertson
Lady Montague/Rosaline/Sister JoannaHelen Devine
CapuletCam Culham
Lady CapuletKrista McKeachie
Nurse to JulietElisabeth Dent
MercutioMichael Armstrong
Benvolio/Man in MantuaGreg Landucci
Tybalt/BrawlerJeffrey Fisher
Friar Lawrence/SingerPaul Donison
Balthasar/Martial Arts StudentJeff Kluge
Abram/TransvestiteRob Robinson
Sampson/Martial Arts Student/Man in MantuaGeoff Chapman
Gregory/Sensei/Night Watch/BrawlerMichael G. Costa
Peter/Security GuardJeff Glenn
Page to Paris/Martial Arts StudentBrodie Stevenson
Apothecary/Security Guard/Delinquent/Night Watch/Martial Arts StudentDrew Williams
Guard/Party Guest/Prostitute/Chief Night Watch/Lady/Martial Arts StudentMichelle Addison
Security Guard/Party Guest/Prostitute/Martial Arts StudentChristina Cicko
Female SingerAurora Faulkner-Killam
Chorus/Old CapuletMary Simpson
Party Guest/Lady/Ambulance Attendant/Prostitute/Servant/Woman in MantuaCeline E. Stubel
Party Guest/Devotional Lady/Ambulance Attendant/Prostitute/ServantHeather Young

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorLinda Hardy
Assistant Director and Fight CaptainPaul Donison
Costume DesignerMary Kerr
Set DesignerJeremy Gordaneer
Lighting DesignerAlan Brodie
Sound Design and Music ConsultantRobert Holliston
Sound Design and CoordinationRyan Sheeley
Dance ChoreographerKelly Arnsby
Fight ChoreographerMr. Nicholas Harrison
Technical DirectorSteve Vrooman
Production ManagerBert Timmermans
Stage ManagerPamela Bethel
Assistant Stage ManagerAlison Latimer
Assistant Stage ManagerMelissa Robertson
Vocal CoachLeslie D. Bland
Vocal CoachRichard Stille
Headdress Production AssistantAriel Buchan
DresserAnne Dupree
Headdress Production AssistantDorito Henriques
DresserLavinia Hollands
Coordinating Wardrobe SupervisorValerie Houle
Headdress Production AssistantHeather Libby
Headdress Production AssistantJanna Lopez
Headdress Production AssistantAllison Mayert
Ball Headdress DesignerNicole Meeson
DresserLaura Moore
DresserEmma Routledge
Head of Wardrobe/CutterKarla D. Stout
Wardrobe SupervisorKatherine Van Der Gracht
Assistant Costume DesignerLindsay Walker
DresserMandy Wood
Assistant Head of WardrobeHeather Young
Assistant Lighting DesignerLarissa Beardmore
Light Board OperatorPeter Booth
Sound Board OperatorJanna Lopez
Assistant Cutter and Production AssistantJoanne Stichbury
ElectricianKeith Houghton
PropertiesDavid Owen Lucas
Assistant CarpenterMadeline Oudendarg
Head of Scenic ConstructionCharles Procure
Assistant CarpenterRenee Steward-Smith

Company Overview

Theater Company Phoenix Theatre, University of Victoria

Production information courtesy of: University of Victoria, Theatre Department [website]