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Internet Shakespeare Editions

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Shakespeare in Performance: Film

Henry IV, Part 1 (1990, Michael Bogdanov)

TitleHenry IV, Part 1
Release LocationsUK
DirectorMichael Bogdanov
MediumColor video
Length2 hrs, 52 mins
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (recording)

Cast Overview

King Henry IVMichael Cronin
Prince John of LancasterJohn Dougall
Henry Prince of WalesMichael Pennington
Earl of WestmorelandBen Bazell
Sir Walter BluntMihcael Fenner
Earl of WorcesterPhilip Bowen
Earl of NorthumberlandRoger Booth
HotspurAndrew Jarvis
Richard ScroopJohn Darrell
Owen GlendowerSion Probert
Sir Richard VernonPaul Brennen
FalstaffBarry Staunton
PoinsCharles Dale
BardolphColin Farrell
Lady PercyAnn Penfold
Lady MortimerJennifer Konko
Mistress QuicklyJune Watson
ChamberlainClyde Pollitt
Duke of ExeterIan Burford
TraversSimon Elliott
Duke of ClarenceStephen Jameson
Lord Chief JusticeHugh Sullivan
FrancisJohn Tramper

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorMichael Bogdanov
Artistic DirectorMichael Pennington
DirectorMichael Bogdanov
CostumesStephanie Howard
SettingsChris Dyer
Original MusicTerry Mortimer
FightsMalcolm Ranson
Theatrical LightingMark Henderson

Company Overview

Playgroup The English Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: Tanya Gough