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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Film

My Own Private Idaho (1991, Gus Van Sant)

TitleMy Own Private Idaho
Release LocationsUSA
DirectorGus Van Sant
MediumColor video
Length1 hrs, 42 mins
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (adaptation)
Henry IV, Part 2 (adaptation)


Reeves' character based on Prince Hal, also text quoted from Henry IV, parts 1 and 2, Chimes at Midnight.

Description by Tanya Gough. Cited by permission. — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

Italian StreetboyPao Pei Andreoli
MinisterJames A. Arling
Italian StreetboyPaolo Baiocco
CopMike Cascadden
CarmellaChiara Caselli
Airline ClerkJames Caviezel
StewardessAna Cavinato
Hotel ManagerStephen Clark Pachosa
Bad GeorgeGeorge Conner
Daddy CarrollMickey Cottrell
CoverboyTom Cramer
Jane LightworkSally Curtice
Italian StreetboyMassimo di Cataldo
CoverboyMatt Ebert
Italian StreetboyRobert Egon
WadeWade Evans
Rock PromoterWally Gaarsland
Café KidsScott Patrick Green
CoverboyScott Patrick Green
DirtmanStanley Hainesworth
Baby MikeJoshua Halladay
GaryRodney Harvey
Mayor's AideEric Hull
Café KidsShawn Jones
Café KidsShaun Jordan
HansUdo Kier
Indian CopOliver Kirk
Rock PromoterConrad "Bud" Montgomery
Lounge HostessMelanie Mosely
CarlGreg Murphy
Sharon WatersVana O'Brien
DiggerMichael Parker
CopPat Patterson
Mike WatersRiver Phoenix
WaltRobert Lee Pitchlynn
Scott FavorKeanu Reeves
Yuppy at Jake'sDavid Reppinhagen
Bob PigeonWilliam Richert
Richard WatersJames Russo
Mike's Italian ClientMario Straccia-Rolo
Disco ManagerLannie Swerdlow
DeniseJessie Thomas
Little RichardDouglas Tollenen
Jack FavorTom Troupe
CopSteve Vernelson
Tiger WarrenTiger Warren
Rock PromoterMark Weaver
Rock PromoterBryan Wilson
AlenaGrace Zabriskie

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorGus Van Sant
Co Executive ProducerAllan Mindel
ProducerLaurie Parker
Executive ProducerGus Van Sant
Production DesignerDavid Brisbin
Costume DesignerBeatrix Aruna Pasztor
EditorCurtiss Clayton
Written byGus Van Sant
Director of PhotographyJohn Campbell
Director of PhotographyEric Alan Edwards

Production information courtesy of: Tanya Gough