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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Film

The Winter's Tale (2008, Sacha Reich)

TitleThe Winter's Tale
Release LocationsUSA
DirectorSacha Reich
Play ConnectionsThe Winter's Tale (reading(s))
Media Collections

Cast Overview

LeontesSam Mowry
MamilliusLev Pearlman
CamilloTim Jeager
AntigonusPhil Rudolf
DionGreg Alexander
FlorizelAtticus Mowry
ArchidamusBill Barry
ClownPhil Rudolf
AutolycusBill Barry
MarinerDavid Loftus
HermioneVivien Lyons
PerditaMegan Murphy
PaulinaLinda Goertz
MopsaVivien Lyons
DorcasKate Mura
TimeLinda Goertz

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorSacha Reich
Executive ProducerPeter Pressman
OPB Station ManagerJerry DeLaunay
Stage ManagerBen Sheragy
Audio EditingMatt Relstab
Board LiasonMyrlin Hermes

Company Overview

Producer Speak the Speech

Production information courtesy of: Speak the Speech [website]