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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Film

The Tempest (2004, Cynthia J. McGean)

TitleThe Tempest
Release LocationsUSA
DirectorCynthia J. McGean
Play ConnectionsThe Tempest (reading(s))
Media Collections

Cast Overview

AlonsoGreg Alexander
Master of a shipAllison Anderson
CeresAllison Anderson
AntonioEthan Atkinson
TrinculoBill Barry
AdrianBill Barry
FerdinandCary Clark
GonzaloLinda Goertz
IrisLinda Goertz
JunoMegan Kohl
ArielMegan Kohl
CalibanSam Mowry
BoatswainSam Mowry
ProsperoChris Porter
SebastianPeter Pressman
StephanoPhil Rudolph
MirandaHolly Spencer

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorCynthia J. McGean
Executive ProducerPeter Pressman
ComposerPeter Armetta
Stage ManagerJesse Smith
Sound EngineerRob Kowal
Audio ConsultantSam Mowry

Company Overview

Producer Speak the Speech

Production information courtesy of: Speak the Speech [website]