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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Film

Henry IV: Part One (2006, Edgar Reynolds)

TitleHenry IV: Part One
Release LocationsUSA
DirectorEdgar Reynolds
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (reading(s))
Media Collections

Cast Overview

King Henry IVChris Porter
Prince HenryAron Farrar
John of LancasterGreg Alexander
Earl of WestmorelandGreg Alexander
Sir Walter BluntPaul Susi
Earl of WorchesterEdgar Reynolds
Earl of NorthumberlandDavid Loftus
Henry PercyPaul Susi
HotspurPaul Susi
ScroopGreg Alexander
Earl of DouglasRandy Patterson
Owen GlendowerBill Tate
Sir Richard of VernonGreg Alexander
Sir RichardDavid Loftus
Sir John FalstaffGlenn Williams
PoinsBen Anderson
GadshillGreg Alexander
GadshillPaul Susi
PetoBill Tate
BardolphChris Porter
Lady PercyAmaya Villazan
Lady MortimerJane Stebbins
Mistress QuicklyMindy Logan
SheriffRandy Patterson
FrancisDavid Loftus

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorEdgar Reynolds
Welsh Text and LullabyIdris T. Evans
Dialect ConsultantGrahame Davies
Welsh Dialect CoachMary McDonald Lewis
Recording TechnicianJerry DeLaunay
Sound EditorAtticus Mowry
Sound EditorPeter Pressman
MusicJohn Sayles
Production AssistantTheresa Hernandez

Company Overview

Producer Speak the Speech

Production information courtesy of: Speak the Speech [website]