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Shakespeare in Performance

The Shakespeare in Performance database features materials from over 1000 film and stage productions related to Shakespeare's works. You can view director's notes, images of stage and costume design, performance stills, posters, information about a particular company or festival and the actors involved in Shakespeare performance, and cast and crew listings.

You can access the information with the browse and search options.


You can read reviews of Shakespeare performances in the ISE Performance Chronicle, where Shakespeare lovers can post reviews of current productions of his plays. For more information please email


Find out about upcoming productions via The Shakespeare Calendar. If you are a theater company and wish to have your productions appear in our calendar, read our page on how to be included.


You can also search through production artifacts, including: programs, prompt books, costume designs, set designs, performance stills, interviews, and performance clips from several productions of Shakespeare's plays.


Interested in having your company's production materials included in the database? Please consult our submission guidelines.

Technical information

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We are grateful to the many organizations that make this database possible, especially the theaters that contribute materials and the scholars who created the Shakespeare on film data.