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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Country

Productions associated with the country 'France'

(Productions are in reverse chronological order)

Love's Labour's Lost2000Kenneth BranaghInternationalrecorded
As You Like It1998Theatre NomadInternationalstage
Twelfth Night1997Theatre NomadInternationalstage
Romeo And Juliette1992Yorgos LoukosFrancerecorded
King Lear1987Jean-Luc GodardFrancerecorded
Le voyage a Venise (Carnival in Venice)1986Jean-Daniel CadinotFrancerecorded
La nuit des rois1980Internationalrecorded
King Richard II1978Internationalrecorded
Comme il vous plaire1972Internationalrecorded
Peter Brook: The Tempest1968Peter BrookFrancerecorded
Coriolano, eroe senza patria. [Thunder of Battle]1964Giorgi FerroniInternationalrecorded
King John1963La GuildeFrancestage
King Lear1963Royal Shakespeare CompanyFrancestage
Ophélia1962Claude ChabrolFrancerecorded
Othello1962Claude BarmaFrancerecorded
Macbeth1959Claude BarmaFrancerecorded
La mégère apprivoisée/La fierecilla domada1955Antonio RománInternationalrecorded
Il mercante di Venezia: Le marchand de Venise1952Pierre BillonInternationalrecorded
King John1952Francestage
Le rideau rouge: Ce soir, on joue Macbeth1952André BarsacqFrancerecorded
Les amants de Verone. [The Lovers of Verona]1949André CayatteFrancerecorded
Shylock, ou le more de Venise. [The Merchant of Venice].1916Francerecorded
The Tempest1912Francerecorded
Falstaff1911Henri DesfontainesFrancerecorded
Le roi Lear au village1911Louis FeuilladeFrancerecorded
Les enfants d'Edouard1910André CalmettesFrancerecorded
Romeo Turns Bandit1910Francerecorded
Le song d'une nuit d'été, d'après Shakespeare1909Francerecorded
Hamlet1907Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
Shakespeare Writing Julius Caesar1907Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
Le miroir de Venise: Une mesaventure de Shylock1902Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
Cleopatra1899Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
Repetition chez Jean Louis BarraultRobert HessensFrancerecorded