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Shakespeare in Performance: Country

Productions associated with the country 'England'

(Productions are in reverse chronological order)

Hamlet2015Ninagawa CompanyEnglandstage
Henry V2015Lazarus Theatre CompanyEnglandstage
Othello2013The National TheatreEnglandstage
Richard II2013Royal Shakespeare CompanyEnglandstage
Richard III Act I Scene 22013James WallaceEnglandrecorded
Richard III2010Love and MadnessInternationalstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008The EggInternationalstage
Taming the Tempest2008Salisbury Playhouse CompanyInternationalstage
The Comedy of Errors2006The Bell Shakespeare CompanyInternationalstage
Macbeth2000Theatre NomadInternationalstage
King John1951Englandstage
King John1948Royal Shakespeare CompanyEnglandstage
Henry V1738Englandstage
The Sequel of Henry the Fourth1700Englandstage
The History of King Lear. [Altered from William Shakespeare by Nahum Tate.]1681Duke of York's CompanyEnglandstage
King Lear1675Duke of York's CompanyEnglandstage
King Lear1664Duke of York's CompanyEnglandstage
Henry V1605King's MenEnglandstage