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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Character


From the PlayOthello
Full NameEmilia
Short NameEmil.
DescriptionWife to Iago

Production Appearances

ActorCredited AsProduction
Megan LathamEmiliaOtello (2017, The O'Brian Centre for Vancouver Opera, Canada)
Luisa JojicEmiliaOthello (2016, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
Bridget RueEmiliaOthello (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Allison GlenzerOlympiasThe Maid's Tragedy (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Suzanne O'DonnellEmiliaOthello (2013, Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF, USA)
Deborah HayEmiliaOthello (2013, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Karen PeakesEmiliaOthello (2011, Folger Shakespeare Library, USA)
Amy LeeEmiliaOthello (2010, Big Ideas Club, Canada)
Anni FinstererEmiliaOthello (2007, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
Lucy PeacockEmiliaOthello (2007, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Hayley Robertsaemiliachamber othello (2007, CHAMBERshakespearecompany, Scotland)
Susan Riley StevensEmiliaOthello (2006, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Celeste CiullaEmiliaOthello (2006, The Old Globe, USA)
Kathleen Turco-LyonEmiliaOthello (2005, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Lise BruneauEmiliaOthello (2005, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Karen SlackEmiliaOthello (2005, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Deborah FinkEmiliaOthello (2004, Marin Shakespeare Company, USA)
Julie FlorioEmiliaShakespeare's World Cup (2002, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, Canada)
Karen MacDonaldEmiliaOthello (2001, American Repertory Theatre, USA)
Franchelle Stewart DornEmiliaOthello (1997, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Michelle FirmanEmiliaOthello (1996, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, Canada)
Sarah HartmannEmiliaOthello (1996, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Dinah StabbEmilia (voice)Othello (1994, Nikolai Serebryakov, International)
Dixie SeatleEmiliaOthello (1994, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Jean TaflerEmeliaOthello (1991, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Zoe WanamakerEmiliaOthello (1990, Trevor Nunn, UK)
Catherine FitzmauriceEmiliaOthello (1989, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Goldie SempleEmiliaOthello (1987, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Petra MalakovaEmiliaOtello (1986, Franco Zeffirelli, International)
Leslie PaxtonEmiliaOthello: The Moor of Venice (1985, Franklin Melton, USA)
Marcy McGuiganAemiliaOthello (1984, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Rosemary LeachEmiliaOthello (1981, Jonathan Miller, GB)
Annette HeldeEmiliaOthello (1981, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Olive BowlesEmiliaOthello (1980, Liz White)
Licia DottiEmiliaOtello (1979, Carmelo Bene, Italy)
Barbara BuddEmiliaOthello (1979, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Sharon AmmenEmiliaOthello (1978, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Susan TyrrellEmiliaCatch My Soul: Santa Fe Satan (1973, Patrick McGoohan, USA)
Elizabeth ColeEmiliaOthello (1973, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Amelia HallEmiliaOthello (1973, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Kathy HurleyEmiliaOthello (1970, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Joyce RedmanEmiliaOthello: The Moor of Venice (1965, Stuart Burge, GB)
Kate ReidEmiliaOthello (1959, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Mary Jo RandallEmiliaOthello (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Daphne AndersonEmiliaOthello (1955, Tony Richardson, GB)
A. MaximovaEmiliaOthello (1955, William de Lane Lea)
Nancy NevinsonEmilia, VoiceOthello (1955, William de Lane Lea)
Katherine BlakeEmiliaOthello (1953, David Greene, Canada)
Fay ComptonEmiliaThe Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice: A Motion Picture Adaptation of the Play by William Shakespeare (1952, Orson Welles, International)
L. NoroEmiliaOthello (1950, GB)
Margaretta ScottEmiliaTragedy of Othello (1950, GB)
Dorothy BlackEmiliaOthello (1937, GB)
Lya de PuttiEmiliaOthello (1922, Dimitri Buchowetzki, Germany)