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Shakespeare in Performance: Character


From the PlayOthello
Full NameBianca
Short NameBian.
DescriptionMistress to Cassio

Production Appearances

ActorCredited AsProduction
Sereana MalaniBiancaOthello (2016, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
Emily Joshi-PowellBiancaOthello (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Allison GlenzerDulaThe Maid's Tragedy (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Lauren ButlerBiancaOthello (2013, Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF, USA)
Shauna BlackBiancaOthello (2013, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Zehra FazalBiancaOthello (2011, Folger Shakespeare Library, USA)
Lindsay DettaBiancaOthello (2010, Big Ideas Club, Canada)
Amie McKennaBiancaOthello (2007, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
TOVA SMITH BCCBiancaOthello (2007, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Shian Denovanbiancachamber othello (2007, CHAMBERshakespearecompany, Scotland)
Caitlin KinsellaBiancaOthello (2006, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Summer ShireyBiancaOthello (2006, The Old Globe, USA)
Deborah RadloffBiancaOthello (2005, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Andrea CirieBiancaOthello (2005, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Gia MoraBiancaOthello (2005, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Natasha NoelBiancaOthello (2004, Marin Shakespeare Company, USA)
Isobel DonaldsonBiancaShakespeare's World Cup (2002, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, Canada)
Amber AllisonBiancaOthello (2001, American Repertory Theatre, USA)
Kate SkinnerBiancaOthello (1997, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Fabiola MannavarayanBiancaOthello (1996, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, Canada)
Christa Scott-ReedBiancaOthello (1996, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Dinah StabbBianca (voice)Othello (1994, Nikolai Serebryakov, International)
Rose GrahamBiancaOthello (1994, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Moira ReillyBiancaOthello (1991, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Marsha HuntBiancaOthello (1990, Trevor Nunn, UK)
Bridget ConnorsBiancaOthello (1989, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Kim HorsmanBiancaOthello (1987, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Eugenia WrightBiancaOthello: The Moor of Venice (1985, Franklin Melton, USA)
Anna DresdonCourtesanOthello: The Moor of Venice (1985, Franklin Melton, USA)
Caren GrahamBiancaOthello (1984, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Wendy MorganBiancaOthello (1981, Jonathan Miller, GB)
Patricia SloverBiancaOthello (1981, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Liz WhiteBiancaOthello (1980, Liz White)
Susanna JavicoliBiancaOtello (1979, Carmelo Bene, Italy)
Barbara Maczka BiancaOthello (1979, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Susannah HalstonBiancaOthello (1978, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Shirley PattonBiancaOthello (1973, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Anni Lee TaylorBiancaOthello (1973, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
le Clanche du RandBiancaOthello (1970, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Sheila ReidBiancaOthello: The Moor of Venice (1965, Stuart Burge, GB)
Eteri ChabukianiBiancaBallet of Othello (1960, Vakhtang Chabukiani, USSR)
Ann MorrishBiancaOthello (1959, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Ellen KayBiancaOthello (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Ybanne ChurchmanBianca, VoiceOthello (1955, William de Lane Lea)
Billie WhitelawBiancaOthello (1955, Tony Richardson, GB)
Doris DowlingBiancaThe Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice: A Motion Picture Adaptation of the Play by William Shakespeare (1952, Orson Welles, International)
Pamela ArlissBiancaTragedy of Othello (1950, GB)
Olga LindoBiancaOthello (1937, GB)