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From the PlayHamlet
Full NameFranciso
Short NameFran.

Production Appearances

ActorCredited AsProduction
Alexandra LeighFranciscoHamlet (2015, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Matthew BarkerFrancisoHamlet (2010, The National Theatre)
Khatt TaylorFranciscoHamlet (2010, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Erskine RitchieFranciscoHamlet (2007, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Stephen HolmesFranciscoHamlet (2005, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
Bernard BygottFranciscoHamlet (2005, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Nick MaroonFranciscoHamlet (2004, First Folio Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Stephen MitschFranciscoHamlet (2003, Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Angus KingFranciscoHamlet (2003, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
Alex SmithFrancisco, a soldierHamlet (2003, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Chad ScheppnerFranciscoHamlet (2001, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Jorge MolinaFranciscoHamlet (2001, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, Canada)
Cork RamerFranciscoHamlet (2001, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
John HaleFranciscoHamlet (2001, Marin Shakespeare Company, USA)
Cameron McElyeaFranciscoHamlet (2001, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
David DeBesseFranciscoHamlet (2000, Campbell Scott, USA)
Ray FearonFranciscoHamlet (1996, Kenneth Branagh, International)
Daniel GottesmanFranciscoGreen Eggs & Hamlet (1995, Mike O'Neal, USA)
John TessmerFranciscoHamlet (1995, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Ian HandFranciscoHamlet (1995, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
Ira SeidensteinFrancisco/3rd PlayerHamlet (1992, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
Royal E. MillerFranciscoHamlet (1991, American Repertory Theatre, USA)
Dave DuffyFranciscoHamlet (1990, Franco Zeffirelli, USA)
Jay KarnesFranciscoHamlet (1988, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Stephen McNaughtonFranciscoHamlet: Rehearsing Hamlet (1982, Carl Charlson, USA)
Patrick O'ConnellFranciscoHamlet (1980, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Bill SteisFranciscoHamlet (1973, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
David AshtonFranciscoHamlet (1972, David Giles, GB)
Robert OatesFranciscoHamlet (1970, Peter Wood, GB)
Robin ChadwickFrancisco/Courtier/ SailorHamlet (1969, Tony Richardson, GB)
Michael EbertFranciscoHamlet (1964, Bill Colleran, USA)
Michael ParylaFranciscoHamlet: Prinz von Danemark (1960, Franz Peter Wirth, West Germany)
Stanley LeminFranciscoHamlet (1947, GB)
John LaurieFranciscoHamlet (1947, Laurence Olivier, GB)