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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Character

Earl Archibald

From the PlayHenry IV, Part 1
Full NameEarl Archibald
Short NameDoug.
DescriptionEarl of Douglas

Production Appearances

ActorCredited AsProduction
Carly StreetEarl of DouglasBreath of Kings: Rebellion (2016, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Sean ChapmanArchibald, Earl of DouglasHenry IV Parts 1 and 2 (2014, Royal Shakespeare Company, UK)
Joey IbanezEarl ArchibaldHenry IV, Part 1 (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Paul RayThe DouglasHenry IV, Part I (2014, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Stephen McColeDouglasHenry IV - Part 1 (2012, Richard Eyre, UK)
Andrew AxhornEarl ArchibaldHenry IV Part 1 (2012, KeepItSimple Theatre Productions, Canada)
Jeffrey KingDouglasHenry IV, Part One (2010, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Grant MudgeDouglasHenry IV, Part One (2007, Richmond Shakespeare, USA)
Randy PattersonEarl of DouglasHenry IV: Part One (2006, Edgar Reynolds, USA)
Ryan ArtzbergerArchibald, Earl of DouglasHenry IV, Part 1 (2004, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
B. Lee WilliamsArchibaldHenry IV, Part 1 (2004, Saint John Shakespeare Festival, Canada)
Charlie FreijArchibald, Earl of DouglasHenry 4 Part 1 (2002, Judith Shakespeare Company, USA)
Kerry VanderGriendDouglasHenry IV, Part 1 (2000, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
Jeremy S. HolmDouglasHenry IV, Part 1 (1999, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Kevin BarrattEarl of DouglasHenry IV, Part 1 (1994, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Herb DownerEarl of DouglasHenry IV, Parts 1 and 2 (1993, American Repertory Theatre, USA)
Bruce T. GoochArchibald, Earl of DouglasHenry IV, Part One (1981, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
John CairneyEarl Of DouglasHenry IV, Part 1 (1980, David Giles, GB)
Charles WilcoxArchibald, Earl of DouglasHenry IV, Part 1 (1978, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Andrew FauldsDouglasThe Road to Shrewsbury (1960, Michael Hayes, GB)