Internet Shakespeare Editions

Henry IV, Part 1
By William Shakespeare
Edited by Rosemary Gaby

About this Edition

Internet Shakespeare Editions
University of Victoria, BC, Canada
Published 2007, updated 2010-06-07
ISBN: 978-1-55058-371-7

Editor's introduction

  1. Henry IV, Part 1: Introduction
  2. Henry IV, Part 1: Performance History
  3. Henry IV, Part 1: Critical Reception
  4. Henry IV, Part 1: Textual Introduction
  5. Henry IV, Part 1: Chronology
  6. Henry IV, Part 1: Bibliography

Texts of this edition

Supplementary and related materials

  1. Acts and Monuments, 1563 (Selection), John Foxe
  2. Hall's Chronicle (Selection), Edward Hall
  3. The Prince (Selection), Niccolo Machiavelli
  4. A Mirror for Magistrates (Selection), William Baldwin
  5. Sir John Oldcastle (Prologue), Michael Drayton, Richard Hathway, Antony Munday, Robert Wilson
  6. Chronicles of England (Selection), John Stow
  7. The Civil Wars Between the Two Houses of Lancaster and York (Selection), Samuel Daniel
  8. Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland (Selection), Raphael Holinshed


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