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The Internet Shakespeare Editions thanks the following supporters for becoming lifetime Friends of the ISE. Their support will allow our organization to continue our tradition of providing visitors from around the world open access to the highest quality in Shakespeare resources. See also the list of libraries that are institutional Friends of the ISE.

  • alice-ann sullivan
  • Anthony Kohan
  • Benjamin Cole
  • Bernice Mittertreiner Neal
  • Chris Masterman
  • David Ley
  • Dr Pauline Kiernan
  • Hardy M. Cook
  • Harvey Guion
  • Holly R Myers
  • James D. Mardock
  • Janelle Jenstad
  • Jesús Tronch Pérez
  • Joey Takeda
  • Joshua Lubarr
  • Maxwell Terpstra
  • Michael Best
  • Paul Faber
  • Pervez Rizvi
  • Robin Williams
  • Sarah Milligan
  • Sir Brian Vickers
  • Stephen Wittek
  • Steve Roth
  • Telka Duxbury
  • Thomas H. Luxon
  • Toby Malone