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Momentum for our Fundraising Campaign: Making Waves

For well over a decade the Internet Shakespeare Editions has made the best literature freely available to those who thirst for knowledge. We  have recently launched a fundraising campaign, inviting libraries at universities and colleges to become partners as a "Friends of the ISE." Our motto is "making waves," taken from our logo of the "swan of Avon." Make waves with us: we need your help to ensure that the future of the Internet Shakespeare Editions is as successful as the past.

We have recently passed our first milestone: enough funds have been generated for us to create an endowment fund, from which the revenue will eventually provide sufficient funds for the maintenance of the site, independent of granting agencies.

Join our growing list of Friends:swan.png

As a Friend of the ISE, your institution will be acknowledged on our site and your students and scholars will receive additional benefits:

A new feature for Friends of the ISE

We have added a new tool to the "Toolbox" now featured on the right hand of each page in the section of the site that publishes the plays and poems. Visitors to the site from an institution that is a Friend of the ISE will be able to create a print-ready view of all explanatory notes on a page in the edited texts — a valuable tool for those who wish to work in detail on one of the plays that have been fully edited.

Subscribing to the site

The cost of a subscription varies with the programs your institution offers: for a list of options, visit

Not affiliated with an institution? Individual memberships for independent scholars and researchers will be available soon.

For more information about the Making Waves campaign and becoming a Friend of the ISE, please email us at, phone (250) 472-5152, or visit our website at

February 2013
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