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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Assistant Performance Editor duties

The Assistant Performance Editor (APE) assists the Performance Editor, the Coordinating Editor, and the Assistant Coordinating Editor in the general maintenance and management of the Performance database and Scene. These duties include the facilitating the contributions of Regional Editors, performance companies, and other contributors, managing associated databases, and administering the sipadmin@uvic.ca email address.

The Performance Editor is primarily concerned with recruiting contributors and regional editors. It is the APE's responsibility to follow up with these recruits, maintain productive relationships with them, facilitate their contributions, and respond to their queries and concerns. The APE will occasionally be responsible for carrying out miscellaneous research tasks at the Performance Editor's, Coordinating Editor's, or Assistant Coordinating Editor's request. For example, s/he may be asked to carry out performance related research in anticipation of an upcoming edition.

Communicating with Contributors and Regional Editors

Email is the primary means of communicating with contributors, regional editors, and community members, using the sipadmin@uvic.ca account. The APE is expected to maintain a filing system on the email server to keep complete records of all correspondence.

The APE should do everything in his/her power to maintain a positive working relationship with contributors. Occasionally, this requires a delicately worded apology (in cases of, for example, dropped communications), but usually requires only a few kind and personal words in individual correspondence. Although mass messages to contributors can be efficient, contributors respond more kindly to personal ones.

Facilitating Contributions

The APE is responsible for assisting contributors in navigating the ISE Editor. This often requires collaboration with programmers to troubleshoot bugs and take steps to improve the Editor's general usability. These duties include setting up user accounts, following up with contributors who have not yet contributed data (or have not contributed anything in a while), assisting users as required, curating the data added by contributors, recommending new metadata categories (and recommending the deletion of obsolete ones), and maintaining good documentation for contributors and future APE's alike.

Going Above and Beyond

In addition to the above duties, the APE is expected to be as involved as possible in the local, national, and/or international performance community. In the past, this has involved attending local performances, writing reviews, tweeting with community members, and engaging energetically with the performance community.