Internet Shakespeare Editions

The Winter's Tale
By William Shakespeare
Edited by Hardin Aasand

About this Edition

Internet Shakespeare Editions
University of Victoria, BC, Canada
Published 2006, updated 2012-01-11
ISBN: 978-1-55058-367-0

Editor's introduction

  1. The Winter's Tale: Introduction
  2. The Winter's Tale: Critical Reception
  3. The Winter's Tale: Performance History
  4. The Winter's Tale: Textual Introduction
  5. William Shakespeare and The Winter's Tale: A Brief Chronology
  6. The Winter's Tale: Bibliography

Texts of this edition

Supplementary and related materials

  1. Pandosto, Robert Greene
  2. Basilikon Doron (Selections), James I
  3. Ovid's Metamorphoses (Selections), Ovid
  4. Coney-Catching, Robert Greene
  5. God's Handiwork in Wonders, Anonymous


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