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Scenario: FAQ

Macintosh users

Where are the "Help" files
The Help files use a Web browser. When you first select "Show Help" from the Help menu, you will be asked to locate your favourite browser (usually Internet Explorer or Netscape). Navigate to it via the usual dialog box, and click "Open." you will then see the help files, and will be able to locate the section you need.

Why can't I open my project by double-clicking on it?
You cannot start Scenario by double-clicking on your project file. This is a simple "text only" file, so it will probably open in SimpleText (OS 8-9) or TextEdit (OS X). Start Scenario by double-clicking on its icon, then select "Open" from the File menu to load your project.

Why does my computer seem to freeze when I'm saving a project?
Sometimes Scenario will take some time to save a longer project. This is because it is converting some of its information to a form compatible with Windows systems. Be patient!

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