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What Is a Scene?

Or, leaping walls with a single bound

Mer. If loue be blind, loue cannot hit the marke,
 Now will he sit vnder a Medler tree,
 And wish his mistresse were that kind of fruite,
 As maides call Medlers, when they laugh alone.
 O Romeo that she were, ô that she were
 An open, or thou a Poprin Peare.
Romeo goodnight, ile to my truckle bed,
 This field-bed is too cold for me to sleepe,
 Come shall we go?
Ben. Go then, for tis in vaine toseeke him here
 That meanes not to be found. Exit.

Ro. He ieasts at scarres that neuer felt a wound,
 But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
 It is the East, and Iuliet is the Sun.
 Arise faire Sun and kill the enuious Moone,
 Who is alreadie sicke and pale with greefe,

(Romeo and Juliet TLN 784-98)

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