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Internet Shakespeare Editions

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Words and Roses

Quarto 1 (1597)

Iul: Tis but thy name that is mine enemie.
 Whats Mountague? It is nor hand nor foote,
 Nor arme, nor face, nor any other part.
Whats in a name? That which we call a Rose,
By any other name would smell as sweet:
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo cald,
 Retaine the diuine perfection he owes:
 Without that title

Quarto 2 (1599)

Iu. Tis but thy name that is my enemie:
 Thou art thy selfe, though not a Mountague,
Whats Mountague? it is nor hand nor foote,
 Nor arme nor face, ô be some other name
 Belonging to a man.
Whats in a name that which we call a rose,
By any other word would smell as sweete,
So Romeo would wene he not Romeo cald,
 Retaine that deare perfection which he owes,
 Without that tytle,

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