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The Credibility of Electronic Publishing:
 A Report to the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada


Malaspina University-College (co-ord.)
 University of Victoria
 University of New Brunswick (Electronic Text Centre)
 Université de Montréal
 McMaster University (Humanities Computing Unit)Submitted byRaymond Siemens, Project Co-ordinator
siemensr@mala.bc.caOn Behalf of the Research Team:Michael Best (U Victoria)
 Alan Burk (U New Brunswick)
 Elizabeth Grove-White (U Victoria)
 Jean-Claude Guèdon (U Montrèal)
 James Kerr (U New Brunswick)
 Andy Pope (U New Brunswick)
 Geoffrey Rockwell (McMaster U)
 Lynne Siemens (Malaspina U-C)
 Raymond Siemens (Malaspina U-C)

Report sections:

  1. The Credibility of Electronic Publishing: Introduction and Overview
    • Raymond Siemens (Malaspina U-C)
  2. Peer Review and Imprint
    • Jean-Claude Guédon (U Montréal), with Raymond Siemens (Malaspina U-C)
  3. Copyright
    • Michael Best and Elizabeth Grove-White (U Victoria)
  4. Archiving and Text Fluidity / Version Control
    • Alan Burk, James Kerr, and Andy Pope (U New Brunswick)
  5. Report on the Questionnaire
    • Geoffrey Rockwell (McMaster U) and Lynne Siemens (Malaspina U-C)
  6. Appendix