Internet Shakespeare Editions


2017 Issue 2

Welcome to Issue 2 of Scene, the Shakespeare performance review journal of the Internet Shakespeare Editions. We are excited to offer this distinctive selection of reviews and review articles, each chosen for its incisive commentary, informed narrative, and evocative re-envisioning of Shakespeare as a performance construct.

Following the success of our launch in 2017 with the inaugural presentation of Issue 1, the editorial board sought and received many suggestions and comments. Thank you to all who communicated with us. Please continue to address your thoughts and ideas to me as Editor.  We also welcome Melissa Walter of the University of the Fraser Valley as Associate Editor. 

Issue 2 of Scene offers not only a record of contemporary performance interests and themes, but also an interrogable archive that reflects both our globalized intellectual endeavors, and our fascination with encouraging local artistic creativity, with a cluster of reviews focused on the Shakespeare scene in southwestern British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

Ever eager to explore the potential of Scene, we want to hear from academics willing to fulfil our Guest Editor roles. Does your region regularly perform Shakespeare? Do your creatives regularly invest time, energy, and money to keep Shakespeare and performance alive in the twenty-first century? Please contact me, as Editor, and we will gladly discuss the opportunity for a future issue of Scene that is focused on your geographical area.

Scene––promoting and supporting your regional Shakespeare scene.

-- Kevin Quarmby, Editor

Editorial: Is There a (North-)West Coast Shakespeare?

Book reviews

by Kevin Quarmby

Performance reviews

by Ronda Arab

by Paul Budra

by Virginia Cooke

by Megan Elizabeth Allen

by Sean Henry

by Erin Kelly

by Anna Kurian

by Jamie Paris

by Prabhjot Parmar and Melissa Walter

by Eve Preus

by Kevin Quarmby

by Elizabeth Tavares

by Melissa Walter