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Contribute to Scene

Scene accepts two kinds of submissions: reviews of productions and review articles.

Reviews of Productions

Scene publishes reviews on Shakespeare productions around the world. We are particularly interested in capturing global, regional, university, outdoor, touring, amateur, non-Anglophone, non-traditional, and experimental productions — in short, productions that are unlikely to receive scholarly reviews otherwise.

There are three mechanisms for having a play reviewed by Scene:

  1. Individual scholars: Write to the Editor (Kevin Quarmby) at to request a specific production be assigned to you. Reviews are assigned to avoid potential duplication. Graduate students and senior undergraduates are also invited to propose reviews. Inquiries from undergraduate students must be accompanied by an email from a faculty mentor.
  2. Scene's Regional Editors may assign reviews of productions in their region.
  3. Theater companies can request to have a production reviewed. Email the Editor (Kevin Quarmby) at

Once you have been assigned a review, secure a reviewer's ticket from the Media office of the theater company. If you are a new reviewer, the Editor will send you instructions on how to secure a media ticket. If reviewers need additional support, the Editor is available to communicate directly with theater companies to request tickets on your behalf.

Before you attend the production, please read the Reviewing Guidelines. 

As you write your review, follow the ISE Style Guidelines and the additional Scene Guidelines. Aim for 1000-1200 words. You must include a caption for any production stills. (Production stills are provided by the theater companies). The caption must credit the photographer.

Reviews are due one week after the date of the performance you attended. Unlike most academic reviewing journals, we aim to publish reviews while the production is still on the boards so that the theater company can link to your review. Reviews are published on a rolling basis, then bundled semi-annually into issues.

Review Articles

We also publish review articles that compare productions, reflect on an entire season, focus on a particular performance problem, or analyze past productions in depth. 

Send articles of 2000 to 5000 words to the Editor ( They will be sent out for peer review. Accepted articles will be published in the next issue.

As you write your article, follow the ISE Style Guidelines and the additional Scene Guidelines.

— Kevin Quarmby (Editor, Scene) and Janelle Jenstad (Coordinating Editor, ISE)