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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

the merry wives of windsor.

Enter M. Ford, Page, Priest, Shallow, the two men
carries the basket, and Ford meets it.

1972.5For. Come along I pray, you shal know the cause,
How now whither goe you? Ha whither go you?
Set downe the basket you ssaue,
You panderly rogue set it downe.
2006.1Mis. For. What is the reason that you vse me (thus:
For. Come hither set downe the basket,
Misteris Ford the modest woman,
Misteris Ford the vertuous woman,
She that hath the iealous foole to her husband,
I mistrust you without cause do I not?
Mis. For. I Gods my record do you. And if
you mistrust me in any ill sort.
Ford. Well sed brazen face, hold it out,
2021.1You youth in a basket, come out here,
Pull out the cloathes, search.
Hu. Ieshu plesse me, will you pull vp your wiues(cloathes?
2026.1Pa. Fie M. Ford you are not to go abroad if you
be in these fits.
Sir Hu. By so kad vdge me, tis verie necessarie
He were put in pethleM.
2030For. M. Page, as I am an honest man M. Page,
There was one conueyd out of my house here ye-'
sterday out of this basket, why may he not be here
2050Mi. For. Come mistris Page, bring the old womã(downe.
For. Old woman, what old woman?
Mi.For. Why my maidens Ant, Gilleã of Brainford.
2055A witch, haue I not forewarned her my house,
Alas we are simple we, we know not what
F2 Is