Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: George Wilkins
Editors: Tom Bishop, Andrew Forsberg
Not Peer Reviewed

The Adventures of Pericles (Modern)

Painful Adventures
of Pericles Prince of
The true History of the Play of Pericles as it was
lately presented by the worthy and an-
cient Poet John Gower.
Printed by T.P. for Nat: Butter.
To the right worshipful and most worthy gentleman Master Henry Fermor of Middlesex, health and eternal happiness.
Right worthy sir, Opinion, that in these days will make wise men fools and the most fools (with a little help of their own arrogancy) seem wise, hath made me 0.10ever fear to throw myself upon the rack of censure, the which every man in this latter age doth who is so over-hardy to put his wit in print. I see, sir, that a good coat with rich trappings gets a gay ass entrance in 0.15at a great gate (and within, 'a may stalk freely) when a ragged philosopher with more wit shall be shut forth of doors. Notwithstanding this, I know, sir, that Virtue wants no bases to uphold her but her own kin. In which certain assurance, 0.20and knowing that your worthy self are of that near alliance to the noble house of Goodness that you grow out of one stalk, a poor infant of my brain comes naked unto you, without other clothing than my love, and craves your hospitality. If you 0.25take this to refuge, her father doth promise that with more labored hours he can enheighten your name and memory, and therein shall appear he will not die ungrateful. Yet thus much he dares say in the behalf of this: somewhat it containeth that 0.30may invite the choicest eye to read, nothing here is sure may breed displeasure to any. So leaving your spare hours to the recreation thereof, and my boldness now submitting itself to your censure, not willing to make a great way to a little house, 0.35I rest
Most desirous to be held
all yours,