Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: William Godshalk
Peer Reviewed

Troilus and Cressida (Quarto 1, 1609)

The history
For Ile not kill thee there, nor there, nor there,
But by the forge that stichied Mars his helme.
Ile kill thee euerywhere, yea ore and ore.
You wisest Grecians, pardon me this brag,
2830His insolence drawes folly from my lips,
But ile endeuour deeds to match these words,
Or may I neuer--------- ----
Aiax. Do not chafe thee cozen.
And you Achilles, let these threats alone,
2835Till accident or purpose bring you too't,
You may haue euery day enough of Hector,
If you haue stomack. The generall state I feare,
Can scarce entreate you to be odde with him.
Hect.I pray you let vs see you in the field,
2840We haue had pelting warres since you refusd, the Grecians(cause.
Achil. Doost thou entreate me Hector?
Tomorow do I meet thee fell as death:tonight all friends.
2845Hect. Thy hand vpon that match.
Agam. First all you Peeres of Greece, go to my tent,
There in the full conuiue we: afterwards
As Hectors leisure, and your bounties shall
Concurre together, seuerally entreate him
2850To taste your bounties, let the trumpets blowe,
That this great souldier may his welcome know. Exeunt.
Troy. My Lord Ulisses, tell me I beseech you,
In what place of the field doth Calcas keepe.
Ulis. At Menelaus tent, most princely Troylus:
2855There Diomed doth feast with him to night,
Who neither lookes vpon the heauen nor earth,
But giues all gaze, and bent of amorous view,
On the faire Cresseid.
Troyl. Shall I sweete Lord be bound to you so much,
2860After we part from Agamemnons tent,
To bring me thether.
Ulis. You shall command me sir.
But gentle tell me of what honor was
This Cressida in Troy? had she no louer there
2865That wailes her absence?