Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: William Godshalk
Peer Reviewed

Troilus and Cressida (Quarto 1, 1609)

of Troylus and Cresseida.
That I shall loose distinction in my ioyes
1660As doth a battaile, when they charge on heapes
The enemy flying.
Pand. Shees making her ready, sheele come straight, you
must be witty now, she does so blush, and fetches her wind so
short as if shee were fraid with a spirite: Ile fetch her; it is the
1665prettiest villaine, she fetches her breath as short as a new tane
Troy: Euen such a passion doth imbrace my bosome,
My heart beats thicker then a feauorous pulse,
And all my powers do their bestowing loose
1670Like vassalage at vnwares encountring
the eye of maiesty. Enter pandar and Cressid.
Pand. Come, come, what need you blush?
Shames a babie; heere shee is now, sweare the othes now to
1675her that you haue sworne to me: what are you gone againe,
you must be watcht ere you be made tame, must you? come
your waies come your waies, and you draw backward weele
put you ith filles: why doe you not speake to her. Come
draw this curtaine, and lets see your picture; alasse the day?
1680how loath you are to offend daylight; and twere darke youd
close sooner: so so, rub on and kisse the mistresse; how now
a kisse in fee-farme: build there Carpenter, the ayre is sweet.
Nay, you shall fight your hearts out ere I part you. The faul-
con, as the tercell: for all the ducks ith riuer: go too, go too.
Troy: You haue bereft me of all wordes Lady.
Pand: Words pay no debts; giue her deeds: but sheele be-
reaue you ath' deeds too if she call your actiuity in question:
what billing again: heeres in witnesse whereof the parties in-
1690terchangeably. Come in come in Ile go get a fire?
Cres. Will you walke in my Lord?
Troy. O Cressed how often haue I wisht me thus.
Cres. Wisht my Lord? the gods graunt? O my Lord?
1695Troy. What should they graunt? what makes this pretty ab-
ruption: what to curious dreg espies my sweete lady in the
fountaine of our loue?
Cres. More dregs then water if my teares haue eyes.
Troy. Feares make diuels of Cherubins, they neuer see truly.
F2 Cres: blinde