Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

Enter Titus Andronicus, and his three sonnes.
700making a noise with hounds & hornes.
Titus. The hunt is vp the Moone is bright and gray,
The fields are fragrant, and the woods are greene,
Vncouple here, and let vs make a bay,
And wake the Emperour, and his louelie Bride,
705And rowze the Prince, and ring a Hunters peale,
That all the Court may eccho with the noise.
Sonnes let it be your charge, as it is ours,
To attend the Emperours person carefullie:
I haue beene troubled in my sleepe this night,
710But dawning day new comfort hath inspirde.
Here a crie of Hounds, and wind hornes in a peale: then
enter Saturninus, Tamora, Bascianus, Lauinia, Chiron,
Demetrius, and their Attendants.
715Titus. Many good morrowes to your Maiestie,
Madam to you as many, and as good,
I promised your Grace a Hunters peale.
Saturnine. And you haue rung it lustilie my Lords,
Somewhat too earlie for new married Ladies.
720Bascianus. Lauinia, how say you?
Laui. I say no: I haue been broad awake, two howres &(more.
Saturnine. Come on then, horse and Chariots let vs haue,
And to our sport: Madam, now shall ye see,
725Our Romane hunting.
Marcus. I haue Dogges my Lord,
Will rouze the prowdest Panther in the Chase,
And clime the highest promontarie topp.
Titus. And I haue horse will follow where the game
D Makes
The most Lamentable Tragedie
730Makesway, and runnes like swallowes ore the plaine.
Demetrius. Chiron we hunt not we, with horse nor hound
But hope to plucke a daintie Doe to ground. Exeuut.