Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

The most Lamentable Tragedie
Were they that murdred our Emperours brother,
And they it were that rauished our sister,
For their fell faults our brothers were beheaded,
2605Our Fathers teares dispisde, and basely cousend,
Of that true hand that fought Romes quarrell out,
And sent her enemies vnto the graue.
Lastly myselfe vnkindely banished,
The gates shut on me and turnd weeping out,
2610To beg reliefe among Romes enemies,
Who drownd their enmetie in my true teares,
And opt their armes to imbrace me as a friend,
I am the turned forth be it knowne to you,
That haue preserude her welfare in my blood,
2615And from her bosome tooke the enemies point,
Sheathing the steele in my aduentrous body.
Alas you know I am no vaunter I,
My scars can witnes dumb although they are,
That my report is iust and full of truth,
2620But soft, methinkes I doe digresse too much,
Cyting my worthles praise, Oh pardon me
For when no friends are by, men praise themselues.
Marcus. Now is my turne to speake, behold the child,
Of this was Tamora deliuered,
2625The issue of an irreligious Moore,
Chiefe architect and plotter of these woes,
The villaine is aliue in Titus house,
And as he is to witnes this is true,
Now iudge what course had Titus to reuenge.
2630These wrongs vnspeakeable past patience,
Or more than any liuing man could beare,
Now haue you heard the truth, what say you Romaines?
Haue we done ought amisse, shew vs wherein,
And from the place where you behold vs pleading,
2635The poore remainder of Andronicie,
Will hand in hand, all headlong hurle ourselues,
And on the ragged stones beat forth our soules,